Welcome to our tokenomics system

Here you’ll learn how we use implemented taxes to support and grow the Etherice platform.

The Etherice tokenomics are built to bring the premiere trading experience to you. Our tokenomics include an expertly crafted logarithmic minting system, along with varied taxes that support project needs, enhance trading experiences and provide a healthy ecosystem.
From the likes of our development and marketing taxes, which help to fund Etherices growth and advancement.
Then we have taxes that reward our users specifically, such as the Buyback & burn tax - allowing us to manage Etherices supply and keep dividend rewards flowing through the system. Alongside this we have taxes for Future Rewards allowing us to enrich our community with competitions & prizes, or our Lottery pool tax that allows lucky users to win big.
As you can see our taxes aim to make project sustainability & user satisfaction a top priority.
Though all taxes will go to the purposes listed above, different features have varying tax amounts, including an 8% Tax when we distribute dividends, a 10% Tax when selling a stake and a 2% tax on loans received.


The dividend tax is taken from Ethereum entering the Dividend Pool, rather than taxing your dividends as they are claimed.

4% Development

Development funds support Etherice in all areas, from updates to our website, contracts, designers, moderator team, future partnerships and other updates & expansions in our future.

1% Marketing

Our marketing funds go towards promoting Etherice across all media platforms - through the likes of influencers, promoted ads, youtube campaigns and more.

1% Buyback & Burn

The buyback & burn funds allow us to help keep our ecosystem healthy by topping up ETH dividends and removing ETR tokens from supply.

1% Future Rewards

The future rewards funds go towards community rewards for uses such as competitions, prizes and giveaways.

1% Lottery

Our lottery tax contributes more funds to our lottery, giving bigger incentives for people to enter and a bigger reward to be won.


10% Tax When Selling a Stake

Our 10% staking tax helps support Etherice & dividend distribution - with 5% going to development and 5% added to the dividends pool.


2% Tax Receiving a Loan

Our loaning tax is 2%, with 1% supporting Etherices development and 1% added to the dividends pool.