Our roadmap for building a solid foundation for Etherice

The pre-launch stage of our roadmap detailed the stages the team has progressed through before anyone will have even heard about us! We wanted to ensure we launched with full functionality for our users.

Website Development

The creation of the site you see today, from our homepage to our helpful guides.

dApp Development

The inception of the Etherice dApp, bringing an aesthetic and functional environment for staking, auctions and a marketplace to you.

Community Building

We consciously spread the word, raised awareness and welcomed traders to share in the experience together.

Testing & Deployment of our Smart Contracts

Running through and stress testing our smart contracts functions, ensuring a smooth experience for our users - ready for public release.

Influencer Onboarding

We reached out to quality influencers who believed in Etherice, helping us reach as many traders looking for trustworthy platforms as possible.

Bug Testing

Front end bug testing for users, making sure the Etherice platform is both safe and user-friendly.