Here you’ll learn about Etherice contracts and their security features implemented for a safe, secure experience

Etherice contracts are the foundations of our platform - with high levels of security ensuring a safe experience for our users. Here you can learn about the features of our contracts and how they make Etherice secure, providing a more comprehensive understanding of these pillars of our platform.
This page will explore our Gnosis Safe contract & OpenZepplin Defender Timelock contract and their security features. Alongside descriptions, you will also find links to our contracts sources - allowing you the option to read through our contracts coding.

Gnosis Safe Contract

Our Gnosis Safe Contract owns our OpenZepplin Defender contract. For any transactions to occur in our OpenZepplin Defender at least 2 Gnosis Safe Contract admin wallet signatures are required, these interactions must be detected for a transaction to take place. These features make a stronger, more secure contract.

OpenZepplin Defender Timelock Contract

Our OpenZepplin Defender contract owns the Etherice Token, Staking & Lottery contracts that operate within Etherice. This contract is owned by our Gnosis Safe Contract, meaning any interactions require multi-sig approval before a transaction can occur - making a more secure contract.
If our Gnosis contract interacts with our OpenZepplin Defender contract - the transactions are timelocked for 48 hours. Prior to the transaction approval - any interaction is visible on the blockchain during the 48 hour timelock period.