The expert craftsmanship of our contracts ensures safety while offering a comprehensive array of features.

Our contracts have been built from the ground up by our developers, to ensure we have a multitude of features available within our dApp, while being confident in the safety of our users.
The development team have put a huge emphasis on optimizing the contract and retaining full functionality. Doing this allows us to be confident that not issues with our contracts will arise, as well as lowering the gas fees as much as possible for our users.
After the contracts were created and subject to rigorous testing by our in-house development team, the contracts have been handed off to a group of third party developers, who have in turn, combed through our contracts looking for anything that could have resulted in a bug or could have been optimized in a more efficient way.
After this, our contracts were passed to two 3rd party auditing companies for comprehensive external audits, and has passed, in both instances, with flying colours.
Doing this should leave our users with full confidence and trust in our contracts, providing an experience that is smooth and stress free.

Token Contract

The token contract mints the ERC20 tokens for each days auction and handles users collecting tokens after each auction has finished.
When collecting tokens they’re sent from the token contract to the wallet address of the person collecting.

Staking Contract

When staking users send ETR to the staking contract. The token contract sends all money earned from the auction each day to the staking contract and this is rewarded as dividends to all stakers.
The staking contract also manages all the stake buying and selling and the loan on stake functionality.

Lottery Contract

This contract saves the biggest buys on the token contract and each day will check for a winner and distribute all winnings automatically.


Our audits showcasing Etherice’s reliability, safety and trust-worthiness to our users.