Helping our users with promotional material to boost their profits.

Our branding pack and social media swipes have been put together in order to make as easy as possible for anyone who is looking to promote Etherice and maximise their profits through our referral progress without having to spend hours designing media for their content.
Our .zip folder will provide you with all the assets you will need for any social media posts or content creation that you are working on.

What Assets are in the .zip?

  • Logos
  • Backgrounds
  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Miscellaneous


We have prewritten you some copy swipes, to be used on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube descriptions or wherever you are promoting Etherice!

Long Form Copy

We can both earn more today with Etherice!
Etherice is the latest innovation in staking, expertly crafted to help maximise profits.
1) Buy & stake Etherice tokens from daily auctions 2) Earn powerful ETH dividends 3) Use game theory to max your profits 4) Offer loans for guarantees profits 5) Daily chances to win big lotteries
That’s not all - Etherice has an array of features that change the game of trading with much more to come!
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Twitter Copy A

The definitive staking platform, crafted to maximise profits
  • Buy ETR in auctions
  • Stake for daily ETH divs
  • Use game theory to max profits
  • Offer loans for profits
Daily Lotteries and more!
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Twitter Copy B

The definitive staking platform, buy ETR tokens in auctions and stake!
  • No token dumping ✅
  • Earn daily ETH dividends 💸
  • Referral bonuses 🔥
  • Daily lotteries 💰
  • Loan for profit 💵
Use my link & we both get bonus ETR tokens! - <Insert referral link>