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How are the Dividends calculated and distributed?
93% Of the ETH that enters the daily auction each day is pooled together and distributed to stakers based on share rate.
How do I increase my share rate?
Share rate is based solely on tokens staked. To acquire more tokens, purchase them in the daily auction!
How does the Auction work?
Every day 3 million $ERT tokens are put up for sale - the total sold is decreased by 3% per day.
Enter the auction using ETH and at the end of the day collect your tokens, which you can then use to stake and acquire dividends!
How do I start a stake?
When you've collected your tokens from the daily auction, head over to our staking page and start staking your tokens. You can have as many stakes as you'd like for as long as you'd like!
When will I receive my dividends?
Dividends are earned via your stakes. There are many different strategies you can use for your stakes. When a stake ends, all of the dividends are yours to collect!

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