Staking is akin to a high-yield savings account

Staking is the process of locking your ETR tokens inside of our staking contract and in return you’re rewarded with passive income through dividends paid out in ETH.
To stake your ETR tokens first select the ‘Staking’ tab in our dApp.
Next choose how many ETR tokens you wish to stake & how many days you wish to stake for - then click ‘Stake’. Once you have approved this transaction in your MetaMask, this will lock your ETR tokens in our staking contract - thus allowing ETH dividends to be allocated to you for your allotted staking period.
The maximum period is 60 days at a time. Longer staking periods allow more time for ETH to accumulate, there is no disadvantage to staking for longer periods, you will simply have to wait longer to receive your ETH dividends.
When staking ETR your dividends begin accumulation the following day, meaning staking & unstaking every day accumulates less dividends than full staking periods.
I.e Over a 10 day period, staking & unstaking each day would maximally lead to 5 days of dividends, whereas 10 days staking would receive 10 days dividends.
Day by day you can view your stakes accumulated ETH and how much time remains in your staking period. You can not ‘claim’ your ETH dividends until your staking period has ended.
Once your staking period has ended your ETR tokens will ‘unlock’. This will allow you to un-stake your ETR tokens and claim your ETH dividends.
Claim your ETH dividends by clicking ‘claim’ on your expired stake within our Staking tab, this will transfer your ETR tokens and accumulated ETH dividends to your DeFi wallet.
Your ETR can then be re-staked for your chosen time period to resume accumulating ETH dividends.

The Staking Tab

The top section of the Staking tab will look familiar to users who have already interacted with our Auctions tab. Displaying key information about the daily Auction and volume.
By opening our Staking tab, the following statistics will be displayed to you:
  • Overall Staked Tokens
  • Overall Collected Dividends
  • Todays Staked Tokens
  • Todays Available Dividends
  • Your Active Stakes