The Etherice referral system allows both referrers and referees to benefit from token bonuses.

You can refer people to Etherice for mutual benefits using our referral links. Once your referee uses your link, purchases ETR tokens in our auction - then claims their ETR tokens after the auction is finished - you will both receive a token bonus automatically.
As the referrer, you will receive a 3% ETR token bonus and the referee will receive a 1% ETR token bonus, minted automatically from our contract. Both parties win and you’re able to stake your new tokens for further Eth dividends.
As an added incentive, on day 1 & 2, we will offer a 5% ETR Token bonus for all referrals.
To use our referral links, click our ‘Referrals’ tab.
In this section, click the ‘Referral links’ button and a unique referral link will be generated for you.
Providing your referee uses your link to enter Etherice and purchases ETR tokens in our auction - the contract functions will work automatically (once they have claimed their bidded ETR tokens after the auction has finished).