The Etherice Lottery can be won daily - buy big to win big!

Each day a Lottery Pool accumulates ETH built up from 1% of our daily auctions total, this Lottery Pool can be won on any day.
Initially our Lottery Pool will accumulate until day 10. The biggest buyer in our ETR auctions on day 10 will win the Lottery on day 11. From then on - the Lottery can be won on any day by placing a buy in the auction that is higher than the current top buy of all time.
The top buy (to beat) is reduced by 5% each day. When there is a winner, they will receive 30% of the Lottery Pool, 30% will go to a rewards wallet for future use, 30% will rollover to the next Lottery and 10% is put towards marketing and development.
To enter our Lottery - simply buy ETR from our auction on the day you wish to enter, if your buy beats our ‘biggest buy’ then by the end of the day it will win our Lottery Pool. Winners will automatically be distributed their ETH winnings at the end of the Auction Day.