Loaning provides Etherice users realized profits before stake periods end, without selling.

With our loaning protocol, you can receive realized profits before your staking period ends - without selling your stake and continuing to benefit from ETH dividends.
Once your ETR stake has accumulated ETH dividends - you can request a loan up to the value of the ETH Dividends in your stake.
The loan request must also factor interest you’re willing to pay the loan provider. Your loan requested + interest can not exceed the current value of ETH Dividends your stake has accumulated.
CurrentDividendsAccumulated≥LoanRequest+InterestCurrent Dividends Accumulated ≥ Loan Request + Interest
I.e If your stake has accumulated 6 ETH in dividends, you could request a loan for 5 ETH and choose to pay interest of 1 ETH from your dividends to the loaner when your stake unlocks. The loaner would receive a total of 6 ETH (loan + interest). This process happens automatically for you.
Any further dividends accumulated outside of the 6 ETH loan repayment during your staking period - would be yours to keep.

The Loaning Tab

Requesting a loan

In our loaning section you can request to receive a loan, or provide a requested loan.
To request a loan, first select our ‘Loans’ tab.
Any stakes you have active will be displayed on this page, along with their accumulated dividends and time remaining.
Select the ‘Loan’ button to the right of your stake to request a loan. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to request along with the interest you’re willing to pay.
If a loaner provides your loan you will receive the ETH loan immediately in your DeFi wallet, they will be contracted to receive the ETH they loaned + interest when your stake unlocks.

Providing a loan

To provide a loan, first select our ‘Loans’ tab.
On this page, below any active stakes you have displayed - you will see the ‘Loan Requests’
On each requested loan - you will see the amount of ETH someone is requesting + the amount of interest they’re willing to pay you.
Once you can see a loan you wish to provide, click ‘Fill Loan’ to provide the loan.
Loans that you have provided will now appear above the 'Loan Requests' in the 'Your Lends' panel. The loan recipient will receive the loaned ETH immediately and you can see how many days are left until you collect your provided loan + interest. Once your loan is ready to collect, simply click the 'Collect Loan' button to receive your ETH.