Dividends are the rewards paid out to stakers on our platform - earning them passive income for staking their ETR tokens.

The dividends are paid out in ETH on a daily basis to stakers, starting from Day 2 of staking going live on our platform.
The ETH dividends paid out come from the previous day's ETH auction deposits, and are shared proportionately to the ETR stakes. The more ETR you stake - the greater share of ETH dividends you receive.
Day 1’s dividends are shared out on day 2. Day 2’s dividends share over day 3 & 4, with Day 3’s dividends shared over Day 4, 5 & 6, each day spreads linearly until this system reaches 30 days, then dividends continually spread over 30 day periods.
Received dividends are subject to 8% Tax; 4% to Development, 1% to Marketing, 1% to Buyback & Burns, 1% to Future Rewards and 1% to the Lottery.