Buy & Sell Marketplace

Buying & Selling Stakes are options provided in Etherice designed to enhance earning potential

In our marketplace there is the option to sell your stake for early realized profits - or buy someones stake with attractive dividends.
You can sell your stake for Ethereum in our marketplace, buyers would receive ownership of the ETR stake and inherit its ETH dividends.
Other users can see how many dividends your ETR stake has accumulated and how long remains in the staking period - if you want early realized profits before the end of your staking period you can offer an attractive price for your stake.
Vice versa - you can also buy established ETR stakes in our marketplace with ETH.
Buying a stake is a great way to get a head start on accumulation or to build more stakes for further passive profits - while skipping our auction process.


To sell your stake on our marketplace, click the ‘Buy & Sell’ tab.
Any stakes you have active will be displayed on this page, along with their accumulated dividends and time remaining. Select the ‘Sell’ tab to the right of your stake to list it for sale.
Stakes can be listed for any price you choose and are paid for in ETH. If a buyer purchases your stake you’ll receive your payment in ETH straight to your Defi wallet, the buyer shall receive your ETR stake position including its accumulated dividends.


To buy a stake, click the ‘Buy & Sell’ tab.
Once on this page, scroll down (below any of your own active stakes) and you will see a section labelled ‘Stakes for sale’.
Here you will see ETR stakes listed, you will see how many days remain on the stake, how much ETR is staked, the ETH dividends accumulated by the stake and the price to buy the stake.
Click ‘Buy for <price> ETH’ to purchase the stake.
Once purchased - ownership of the stake will be transferred to your DeFi wallet, this process happens automatically. You will inherit all ETH dividends currently locked within the stake and any dividends that continue to accumulate, available to claim with the ETR tokens once the stake unlocks.