Welcome to Etherice

Etherice aims to redefine the standards of staking, leading the way towards a better profit based experience for our users.

Etherice helps you earn more with expertly crafted staking & loaning protocols.

The Definitive Profit Based Platform

Users will buy their Etherice Tokens (ETR) with Ethereum (ETH) on our easy to use dApp. They can then stake their tokens to earn interest paid in ETR along with their share of the ETH dividends from the daily auction lobby.
The Etherice token isn't your typical DeFi launch. Tokens are not bought on a DEX, instead they are acquired through 'bidding' on our daily Auctions in the Etherice dApp. There is no Etherice token liquidity, in turn meaning there is no Etherice price chart.
Deploying strategic game theory with our multitude of features within the Etherice Dashboard will enable you to generate maximum profits, without having to rely on selling your ETR tokens to realize profits.
Last modified 4mo ago